• 2023-06-22

    Why is a retroactive date important for claims made coverage?


    by  | Mar 28, 2023 | Insurance AdviceMedical Malpractice Insurance | 0 comments

    When it comes to claims made insurance policies, a retroactive date plays a crucial role. This type of coverage is designed to protect policyholders against claims that are made during the policy period, regardless of when the incident occurred. The retroactive date marks the earliest date on which an incident must occur in order to be covered by the policy. Any incidents that occurred before this date are not covered.

    The significance of the retroactive date is that it limits the insurer’s exposure to claims that arose before the policy was active. If a policyholder could file a claim for an incident that happened years before the policy was effective, it would be unfair for the insurer to cover such claims. This would result in the insurer having to cover claims that it did not collect premiums for and did not anticipate when pricing the policy.

    Hence, the retroactive date ensures that insurers are only responsible for claims that arise during the policy period and not for any incidents that happened before the policy’s effective date. It is therefore essential for policyholders to carefully consider the retroactive date when purchasing claims-made coverage to ensure that they are adequately protected against potential liabilities.



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