• 2021-10-21

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Does my clinical notes and billing codes accurately reflect my diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of patients?
    2. Will these notes support me efficiently enough if my practice came under forensic review? 

    In this webinar, we discuss patient contracts, consent forms and how to manage confidential information.With an in-depth discussion around the alignment and accuracy of clinical notes to substantiate billing practices and defend clinical approach, choice of therapies and procedures. We will also be explaining the outcomes and complications that patients sometimes experience, and how this can play a role, should you be audited.

    Guest speakers:

    Dr Brad Beira - Chiropractor & medico legal expert
    Karen Gibbs - Physiotherapist & advisor forensic auditing
    Host: Michael-John Damant – Director, Genoa Underwriting Managers


    To view a recording of this past Webinar, please CLICK HERE

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