The DUXAH training encompasses and addresses two critical components supporting the successful management of any healthcare practice as a business. That is, contributing towards the Continued Professional Development of the healthcare professional together with the training of supportive healthcare administration staff and managers.

For the healthcare professional, DUXAH offers a national program including the following CEU accredited events:

  • Practice made Perfect conferences
  • ICD-10 and PMB workshops
  • Research Methods workshops
  • Risk Management workshops
  • Statistics for Clinicians workshops

For all healthcare administration staff and managers, DUXAH provides the Healthcare Administration Management Certification online program, that educates and "up-skills" healthcare staff in areas such as:

  • Administration Management:
    • Office management module
    • Consumer Care and Communication module
    • Medico-legal module
  • Healthcare administration Management:
    • Healthcare funders and Claims Management module
    • Anatomy and Physiology module
    • Coding Module
  • Business Management:
    • Finances module
    • HR and staff management module
    • Business management module

The areas identified will support the professional in practice to both minimize any legal and/or financial risk and optimize practice revenue.

For details on our training program, and to register online, please click here.

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