The Science of Movement and the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment of performance.

Through partnering with the Biokinetics Association of Southern Africa, ProfNet has been able to offer practice management solutions directly to BASA members.  Our comprehensive ICD-10 solution benefit is included in ProfNet Plan 2 and Plan 3 Membership. 

The ICD-10 browser includes:

- Comprehensive online ICD-10 Search engine
- Clinically qualified staff for all ICD-10 support and queries
- ICD-10 related news and updates

Other areas where ProfNet membership would benefit private practising Biokineticists include:

  • Patient: Practice contracts, in line with legislative requirements
  • Preferential merchant fee rates for practices using credit card machines
  • Regular news and updates

Details are contained in our Plan 1 Plus,  Plan 2 and Plan 3 membership options.

Additional ProfNet services that are available to support you in establishing and growing your practice include:

Through our sister companies, we are also able to assist in:

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