• 2020-06-15

    A practical guideline for practitioners on how to welcome patients to virtual consulting

    That Telehealth is the way of the modern world, is not in dispute.  Over the past few weeks, we have had numerous interactions with practitioners who are embracing Telehealth and making a difference, not only in their own practices, but in the lives and health of their patients. 

    Many Healthcare Practitioners are keen to use Telehealth, but need advice as to how to assure their patients that Telehealth is safe, secure, practical and will work for them.

    This webinar will provide you with practical guidelines and support on how to invite your patients to virtual consulting and all of the benefits in it – for them (and you). 

    Host: Lani Uys

    Guest speakers: Steve Murray; Neil Kinsley; Deon Buhrs

    To view a recording of this past Webinar, please CLICK HERE

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