• 2021-09-09

    During this webinar we looked at both the rights of the funder to conduct a billing audit of a practitioner and the manner in which they apply these rights, and the rights of the practitioner in how they respond to these requests.
    We discussed common practice errors that can lead to a finding that the practitioner was non-compliant with coding and billing practices and steps to review current billing and coding practices. To close, we spoke about the first steps a practitioner should take if they receive notification of an audit of their billing practices by a funder.

    Guest speakers:

    Brad Beira - Chiropractor & medico legal expert
    Karen Gibbs - Physiotherapist / advisor forensic auditing
    Host: Lani Uys - Product Manager with SpesNet Global Group

    To view a recording of this past Webinar, please CLICK HERE

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