We have just received the following Notice from Ms Candasamy, Acting Head: PAIA at the SAHRC:


The South African Human Rights Commission (the Commission) received notice on 26 November 2015 from the office of the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services confirming that the Minister has "decided to further exempt private bodies from compiling the Manual contemplated in section 51(1) of PAIA for a period of five years with effect from 1 January 2016."

The notice of exemption is yet to be gazetted. The Commission will make same available as soon as it has been published.

Please note that although this early notice was provided as a courtesy by the SAHRC, it is not legally binding and has no effect on the actual requirements of S 51 of the PAI Act 2 of 2000. In terms of the PAI Act, only the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services may grant and extension.

The extension, when granted, will be effective from the date given in the Government Gazette in which it is eventually published.

Private bodies are encouraged to compile and file their PAIA Manual even though an extension may be granted. This must be done once only and, despite the possible extension, will have to be done at some point.

So, we recommend that you "Do It Now" using the easy-to-use facilities that have been made available here. Also note that once you have created your PAIA manual, you will be able to edit and update this online at any stage, at no extra cost to you. 

What is PAIA and does this effect my practice?

PAIA stands for the “Promotion of Access to Information Act”.  This Act creates the framework to the right to access information enshrined in Section 32 of the SA Constitution.  The purpose is to promote a culture of transparency, accountability and good governance in both the private and public sectors. The Act therefor places specific compliance requirements on both state institutions and the private sector. 

This applies the to all private practices, including:

  • Solus practices
  • Partnerships
  • Associates
  • Incorporated companies

PAIA Act compliance made easy
We are excited to bring to you our easy and convenient PAIA Compliance product, to ensure that you and your practice are compliant with these regulatory requirements:

  • Compile your PAIA Manual as per Section 51 of the Act
  • Submit this manual to the South African Human Rights Commission
  • Make this manual available at your practice                                          
  • Make this manual available on your website, should you have one 
  • Make an information request form available at your practice and on your website

While you can set all this up yourself with the guidance of the SA Human Rights Commission, ProfNet is able to make the process of drawing up your Section 51 PAIA Manual and request form simple and easy to do.  By using our online process, you can have your manual in less than 15 minutes.  We will make the manual and request form available to you and also submit the required documentation to the SAHRC for you. 

And all this will only cost you R199 once-off!
Simply click here for more information and to ensure that you comply today.

For further information, feel free to visit the SA Human Rights Commission website at or email us at

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