Speech-language pathology is a field of expertise practiced by a clinician known as a Speech-language pathologist (SLP), also called speech-language therapist, or speech therapist, who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of communication disorders and swallowing disorders.

As a result of the partnership between SASLHA and ProfNet Medical, we are pleased to make available to our private practitioners the following value-added benefits to boost and support your private practice.  The following membership add-ons are available to SASLHA members, and are brought to you in collaboration with ProfNet Medical, your allied healthcare partner:

Plan 2
This benefit package is focused on the essential requirements of a start-up practice, and includes:

  • Industry News Updates through the ProfNews, Events list, Twitter and Website
  • Comprehensive ICD-10 Services
    • Health Code Index - ICD-10 code lookup  
    • Health Code Index - PMB conditions cross mapped to ICD-10 codes
    • Healthcare Helpline - ICD-10 & PMBs
  • Patient: Practice Agreements – contracting with your patient
  • Website Builder – build and manage your own website, for free and with zero hosting costs
  • Access to important industry documents, including relevant Acts, Position Papers, Reports and Booklets, all in one place

Plan 3
This benefit package is focused on the growing practice, and over-and-above the benefits of 
Plan 2, also includes:

  • Preferential Point of Sale rates, saving you money on your banking fees, often offsetting your membership costs (click here for a detailed schedule)
  • Employment Contracts
    • Clinical Staff
    • Non-Clinical Staff
  • Human Resource documents, including important policies and procedures
  • Health Code Index
    • Comprehensive and up-to-date NAPPI Code search
    • Comprehensive and up-to-date RPL/Procedure Code search
    • Comprehensive and up-to-date Tariff search per medical scheme
  • Importantt Funder Information
    • Funders File, detailing the benefits available by all medical schemes and all plan types
    • Payment Arrangements and Networks available by medical schemes 

Malpractice Insurance (MPI)
Through our partnership with ProfNet Medical, we have been able to negotiate preferential rates for comprehensive malpractice insurance for all SASLHA members. Please refer to the table below for cover and pricing details (terms and details in the policy schedule link below). This exclusive MPI is subject to being a paid up member of ProfNet at the time of the adverse event as well as at the time of claiming.  

The ProfNet Medical Malpractice Scheme is available to all SASLHA : ProfNet members as part of the membership options as listed.  

The following documents are important to read prior to signing up for our Malpractice Insurance offering, and provides detail of your cover.  *Only available to members who have not had an HPCSA (or equivalent Statutory or Regulatory body) complaint against them in the past 5 years. 

ProfNet Medical Malpractice Scheme Policy

CFP Brokers FAIS Disclosure Document
Kristy Carr s13 Letter of Authority
Hollard Disclosure Notice for 2017

These documents are also available to you as a signed up member on your dedicated Disciplines page at www.profnetmedical.co.za.

 Pricing (incl VAT)

2017 Membership Type   

  No MPI     

+ Malpractice Insurance (MPI)*

MPI Limit   

R2.5 Million 

R5 Million

R10 Million











To join and get access to these private practice benefits, please register here.

Additional ProfNet services that are available to support you in establishing and growing your practice include:

Though our sister companies, we are also able to assist in:

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